Database Management

Complete database on your table now.

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Database Management

Backup, Sync & Controller

Create database backup, sync with other database or manage on your desktop.

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Backup, Sync & Controller
Easy Backup

Plenty of ways to create database backup hourly, daily or weekly even if your database is not remote.


Looking to have load balancing, let this software transfer your database from one host to another, hourly or daily.

Manage Database

Control (Update, delete, add) values from any table of your primary or secondary database with easy interface.

Run Queries

For developers, additional features to execute queries through this software and retrieve result on software screen.


Contorl Panel (Connect Primary/Secondry Databases)

Data View (Update, Delete, Add Values)

How does it help you?

Let's know some basic features of this, but these are not enough, we're working to add some more here.

Manage Database:

SQL-Connector has some intensive features that not only give you the flexibility to drive your database as you need but also it save your cost. If you own any project along with admin panel then It is politely possible that you miss some feature from your admin-panel. In this case you’ll have only option to contact your developer and ask him to add that feature in your admin-panel. But SQL-Connector is an easy tool through which you can retrieve and display your database values in table form and update, delete or add values. For instance, if you want to remove or block a user from database table. You can retrieve table on your desktop and update specific values accordingly.

Sync Database:

This is an imerative features for those project where you need to send values from one database to another. It is an usual case in node/load balancing where your application is connected with primary or secondry databases. For insance if you’re worried what will happen if you lost your primary databse due to any reason. In this case you establish secondry database and this software will sync your primary database with secondry database so that both database values would be same along with each update.

Backup Database:

Moreover, this software will create and store a backup of your primary and secondary database on your local system so you will never lose your database. You can retrieve your database file easily from the software directory. And software has intervals to create backup as hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly.

Don't have remote database?

It also supports database that's not remotely supported.

  • Remote Connection

    It works even if your database is not remotely supported through its FTP feature this software is capable to make a connection with your "PHP" website. Here this software will ask you about your FTP information and then will upload some files onto your server. Once files have uploaded, then software can interact with your website to create a backup.

    Remote Connection
    Web Master


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