SQL-Connector is a license selling product for corporations, professionals and even for individuals. The product is an authority of the parent company “Elambak Valley of Solution”. Elambak is a Palestinian company that holds a team in many countries, including: Palestine,China, US, India, and Pakistan. Each company has its different resources not linked with other countries. And our core team is still located in the US. Although this product “SQL-Connector” was developed by the team of Elambak located in Pakistan.


Our Mission:

We are working with many clients from all over the world, but the things that make us different from other companies that we not only work for our respected clients, but we also develop some useful products to that’s really willing to help others.

Not enough, We are not always intended to earn through our work, our social and welfare projects in many countries are giving us incredible moral support.

Our Best:

The best working part in our portfolio is that we’re the world first and only automation company known as “Websautomation.com” which commit that we can automate any website to kill the burden of manual work from our client heads.

Our Projects:

  • www.elambak.com (Parent company)
  • www.websautomation.com (Automation section)
  • www.eapplier.com (Product)
  • www.paraws.com (Welfare Project)
  • www.carethekids.com (Welfare Project)
  • www.wisepresent.com (Social Project)