Create Database Backup Automatically

SQL-Connector took a start with basic feature which is very common needs of all, either you own a small website or large scale project. You should always take care to have regular, weekly or monthly database backup. Although, it might be complicated to create this database backup manually. That’s why Sql-Connector give you an option to use its builtin database back up function which is an integrated tool of this software with complete capability to create database backup according to your desire interval.

Whether you own a remote access database or non-remote access database. In differ of other database backup tool Sql-Connector offers complete solution to create database backup automatically with complete reporting.

How to Configure SQL-Connector to create database backup automatically?

It’s so easy and handy to create database backup automatically via SQL-Connector, just configure/connect your database first. Select backup option from action selection drop box. Choose your desire interval to tell either you want to create database backup daily, weekly or monthly. And that’s it. Click on start button for the first time keep monitor system status once, it said “database backup created successfully”. Locate the backup file in same directory where software App exist. Have a view on that file to make sure your database backup has been created. If you found database backup file is there then, you can let this software to create backup for more. Each backup file will has new name defined by it’s date and time of creation.