Database Backup
Create database automatically from database server to your local computer with intervals of hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.
Database Sync
Send database from one database server to another database server, and keep both updated simultaneously.
Backup & Sync (Both)
Run backup and synchronization to simultaneously, here it will not only create backup but also send data secondry database.
Database Management
Retrieve and display tables from your connected database and update value from table with easy interface.
Non-Remote Connection
It is willing to create backup from the database host that's not supported to connect remotely. (Only PHP websites.)
Dues Connection
It supports to connect two different database as primary and secondry database. You're free to manage anyone.
Execute Quries
For developers, run and execute quries to your selected table and retrieve return data in table view.
Multi-Type databases
Technically supported all atmost database type such as "SQL", "Mysql" while other databases are not tested yet.
Technical Customization
Get professional assistance to retrieve your needs our expers/professional will customize this software to fulfil your requirements.